Between the 1st and the 3rd of July, Porto received the second edition of the CloudCatalyst Bootcamp. The event was hosted by UPTEC and joined entrepreneurs from several technological companies to discuss the best tools to trigger cloud-based businesses.

An inspiring and enriching experience

The bootcamp counted with the participation of 30 participants and 13 speakers throughout the three days, who engaged on lively discussions in which cloud growth was the natural focus point!

The bootcamp participants had the opportunity of listening to inspired speakers from diverse successful businesses: Veniam and Farfetch, who raised more than €200 million of funding, shared their experiences about how to scale and succeed in the cloud. Rui Costa from Veniam shared his recipes (“Scaling your Smart City Cloud Cookbook” – watch the video presentation), and Luis Carvalho from Farfetch talked about the amazing journey of his company (“Accelerated growth Tech Challenges”).

Another valuable intervention came from Eduardo Espinheira from Winning, who talked to the audience about “Pricing Plans for SAAS”, offering a roadmap for the establishment of the pricing strategy (you may watch the full presentation here).

The discussion between participants and speakers was active and dynamic, showing the growth of interest on the Cloud, its benefits and opportunities.

CloudCatalyst is honoured to be a part of this Go-to-the-Cloud movement, and to be able to share knowledge with all entrepreneurs helping them towards cloud success!

Stay tuned for more news on the Cloud, and on the next CloudCatalyst Bootcamp in Ljubliana – Slovenia.

Interested in learning more on this event? Visit this page for more details on its Agenda and Speakers. Join our Linkedin Group to find the presentations made on the CloudCatalyst Bootcamp:


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