Bootcamp 1


The third, and final, CloudCatalyst Bootcamp was held in Ljubljana – Slovenia between the 8th and the 10th of October. The event took place in Hekovnik, StartUp School joining entrepreneurs from several technological companies to discuss the best tools to trigger cloud-based businesses.

The Bootcamp was based on a mentor/ team dynamics that during the three days shared their questions, insights and knowledge on the Cloud, all with the objective of helping startups on the establishment of a successful business strategy.

The Agenda counted with diverse Cloud Experts that helped attaining the main CloudCatalyst Bootcamp objectives of assisting the participating entrepreneurs on the finding of their perfect market segmentation, the main users/costumers of their services, or products, and on how to scale their business.

With the participation of 17 teams, the Bootcamp was the stage of dynamic discussions and hands-on experiences triggered mainly by the topics on how to find the ideal market and to define the ideal/user costumer. The audience also had the chance to spectate the interviews with 3 Startups who shared thei knowledge and raised enthusiasm on Cloud based businesses.

This final CloudCatalyst Bootcamp showed, once again, through dynamic discussions the growing interest of Entrepreneurs in finding new business opportunities and solutions through Cloud.

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