The CloudCatalyst second, and final, event was held on October 22nd 2015, in Lisbon, Portugal. The event was co-organized with MO-BIZZ, and had the support of the European funded projects AppHub, Riscoss, ECIM, Sesame Net and Cloud for Europe. The #GOTOCLOUD happened as a parallel event to the ICT 2015, being the perfect meeting point for technology companies that want to grow faster within, and through, the Cloud.

With this conference the CloudCatalyst had as main objectives the delivery of interesting opportunities to the new generation of European business Start-Ups and SMEs, showcase the CloudCatalyst project results, the Go-to-the-Cloud-Service and future moves.

The event counted with the participation of diverse speakers from the Cloud ecosystem that approached matters as Go-to-the-Cloud-Today, future trends, cloud marketplaces business opportunities and the presentation of some StartUps Cloud based businesses. Turning the event in the place of lively presentations to an interested audience, and contributing to its success!


For more information on the #GOTOCLOUD Event visit this page.