Lisbon, 28 October 2013 – CloudCatalyst was officially launched in Lisbon, Portugal. The kick off meeting gathered all consortium partners who are motivated to promote the potential of cloud computing throughout Europe.

The project main objectives are to support startups and SMEs moving into the cloud. EU stakeholders will be supported to produce innovative and sustainable businesses through cloud computing offers that help boosting productivity, efficiency and competitiveness of the European economy.

CloudCatalyst consortium recognizes that in order to bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, more entrepreneurs are needed. In CloudCatalyst partner’s point of view, the 2020 action plan for entrepreneurship is an unique chance to transform all the challenges of Cloud Computing deployment into opportunities – fostering innovation and new business creation within European entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The project is funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme and brings together 5 partners:

CloudCatalyst project will be led by Portugal Telecom which has solid experience in the promotion and management of European Funded projects. Portugal Telecom has also recently presented a very ambitions Cloud Computing roadmap focused in accelerating the development and deployment of Cloud Computing technologies and internet services.

To promote entrepreneurship and job creation, this project will be aligned with the business and knowledge transfer strategy promoted by UPTEC, the University of Porto Science and Technology Park. UPTEC is the structure of the University of Porto dedicated to incubate start-ups and host Business Innovation Centres, supporting an effective knowledge and technology transfer among academia, companies and markets. In the last 5 years, UPTEC has helped to create 115 new start-ups and more than 1200 jobs.

CloudCatalyst project has also a solid technical background, lead by the UCM, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, founders of the OpenNebula open-source project. OpenNebula, a success story in exploitation of FP7 research results, has played an important role in driving and supporting the transition to cloud computing and thus accelerating the pace of innovation in Europe. With thousands of deployments worldwide, OpenNebula has a very wide user base that includes leading companies in banking, technology, telecom and hosting, and research and supercomputing centers.

As a central hub for the exchange of knowledge, best practices and guidelines in the European Cloud ecosystem, EuroCloud role in this project will be fundamental for implementing an efficient dissemination action plan, but foremost, EuroCloud will be responsible for the exploitation of the results and support future sustainability of the project results.

Si.mobil will provide important contributions based on the experience gathered during program – a competitive educational programme for entrepreneurs and start-up companies on development and bringing new innovative cloud services to the market. The program ran in 2013 for the second consecutive year, with 48 teams participating in 2 years and 20 solutions being developed and commercialized. Si.mobil has also wide experience developing and implementing cloud services brokerage platform and business model. Their approach has been recognized as preferred within Telecom Austria Group in 2012 and will be implemented within other members of TAG group – with Si.mobil taking the lead in cloud services business for the whole group.

In the next two years CloudCatalyst will set up a cross-border advice and support service, contributing to strengthening European position in the Cloud Computing market, including both the European business software industry and the individual citizen and consumer. The consortium is looking forward to attract the community of entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs and share experiences about strategies, business models, technical challenges and other important issues to be successful in the Cloud industry.

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